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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coaster or Trivet? You decide!

A friend says a coaster is
    4 inches round!

So when does it turn
    into a trivet???

To make a 3.5" round coaster, you need to wrap 36" of line.  I wrap my line very tight and only use high quality cotton fabric.

Wrap 56" for a 4.5" round coaster!

Wrap 72" for a 5" round coaster!

Wrap 108" for a 6" round Mug Rug!

Wrap 144" for a 7" round Mug Rug!

Wrap 180" for a 7.75" round Trivet!

Wrap 216" for a 8.25" round Trivet!

Yes, 6 yards of wrapped line to make an 8" Trivet!  As the circle expands, it takes even more line to increase the diameter by an inch.

I use line that is about 1/4 inch wide,
(line 7/32).

I love using striped fabrics, since they create such a fun pattern.

But batiks are wonderful too!

How about Scrappy!

Endless patterns!

Have Fun!

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