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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oval Basket Measurements

 I just made myself a lovely purple magazine rack/basket to test out a size for a new customer.
The center strip of wrapped line that I started with is 8" long.

The finished size is rather large:
10.5" high, 22" across the top,
14.5"long x 8"wide base
oh, but it so nice for all those magazines.
I used a lovely Laura Birch purple fabric with gold highlights.  I love her cats, but this fabric had colorful little snakes, can you tell?

I think the proportions should be a little different on this
basket, maybe 1-2 inches taller to offset the larger base, oh well, not on this basket, since I ran out of this fun fabric.  My little Babylock 6150 struggled with the size too.  I had to hold the basket up most of the time, since the machine motor was not strong enough for the weight.

I like the proportions for the smaller totes to be
6" center strip made into a base of 6"wide by 10"long.
This size works for any heights between 8-10" high.
Good Luck!
Have fun!
I love Purple!  Can you tell!

My Little Helper

I have a little helper that tests out all of my lovely cat beds!
She loves to chase the cord as I coil it into a wonderful bed.

And I wonder why I don't get more done!

I have to hide my pin cushions, she loves to pull out the pins and throw them on the floor.
I guess she likes the ping!
No, she never puts them in her mouth, just bites the heads to pull them out and then bats them around the table until they fall over the edge.
The look of "Where did it go" is too much!
OK, maybe "I didn't do it!"
How about "Another one bites the dust!"