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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brown Paisley Basket

I  wrapped clothesline in 2 different dark brown fabrics and have sewn an oval shape for the base.  After I finished the base, I then wrapped the clothesline with this gorgeous deep coffee brown paisley fabric.   I'm about to turn the sides up into the basket, but I have not decided on the basket shape yet.  This is the fun part, shaping it, ahhh, I have lots of ideas, now I have to choose one!

I had lots of fun making this basket, the contrasts are great.

Easter Baskets

I'm having lots of fun making Easter Baskets.  I have made 3 in different sizes to see which one is in the right proportion.  So far I like this 8" diameter base and 5"high with an inch wide handle.  These 2 coordinating fabrics are nice, but I like more contrast, so I will try again.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Welcome to the design blog for Wexford Treasures.  I have a web shop on Etsy and I invite you to check it out!    I plan to use this blog to show work in process.  I have so many new ideas, and here is the place to work on them.