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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coaster or Trivet? You decide!

A friend says a coaster is
    4 inches round!

So when does it turn
    into a trivet???

To make a 3.5" round coaster, you need to wrap 36" of line.  I wrap my line very tight and only use high quality cotton fabric.

Wrap 56" for a 4.5" round coaster!

Wrap 72" for a 5" round coaster!

Wrap 108" for a 6" round Mug Rug!

Wrap 144" for a 7" round Mug Rug!

Wrap 180" for a 7.75" round Trivet!

Wrap 216" for a 8.25" round Trivet!

Yes, 6 yards of wrapped line to make an 8" Trivet!  As the circle expands, it takes even more line to increase the diameter by an inch.

I use line that is about 1/4 inch wide,
(line 7/32).

I love using striped fabrics, since they create such a fun pattern.

But batiks are wonderful too!

How about Scrappy!

Endless patterns!

Have Fun!


I love trying new designs. 
What do you think of this one?
I call it The Dog Bed since it is so unique and big. 
I love the rounded sides, makes this more like a cat/dog cave.  My made this fun bed using my Singer Heavy Duty machine.  The size of this machine restricts the curve, so I can only add a nice curve to larger beds: 12-15 inch base beds.

 I found this rich black and brown flannel fabric.   My little fury friend loves hers, it molds to her curled shape.  Kozy!  She is so cute when she pops her head up to see what is going on!

This is a medium size:

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Custom Order - You Design it!

I love Customer Orders! 
I get to work with great people who want something unique for their specific need/use.  I have created over 500 unique baskets.  I design all my own work and do not use a pattern.  Every fabric and fabric combination creates a unique pattern in the basket.  The size and shape of the baskets are usually functional, since I use them all over my own home.  I use them for home decor and home storage. 

I'm trying to go more "Green", so I use a medium basket for shopping!  Try a larger basket for your projects. My project bag/basket is now 3 years old and it goes everywhere with me.  Yes, it has been washed many times and still looks great.  I thought is would fray more, but it has not.  I think that is because I only air dry it.  Yes, machine washed with cold water.

Go Green with gift baskets!

A lovely customer asked for a Holiday Pie Carrier, great idea!  
Just don't forget it at your family's house! 
I would use a foil pie plate so you can leave that, but take your lovely basket home. 
I don't include pie plates in my listings to keep the shipping costs low.
Please feel free to contact me with your idea!

I love it!  I will be making more of these for my Christmas gift list.

For a lovely green batik pie carrier,
please see:

For gift baskets, please visit:

 For larger project baskets, please visit:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tailgating Baskets

 I'm new to Tailgating at football games, so I have a lot to learn!  We now have added a top up tent and a rug! The car is packed with stuff, amazing!  I always learn the hard way!  The WIND!  It blew everything off the table!  Blew over the sports chairs and almost the tent.  Now we have tent anchors! 

I made this fun basket using nylon rope to hold all the snacks or buns.  I have a heavy marble bread warmer for the bottom so it won't blow away!  I hope....

 The nylon can get wet too and dries much faster.  Yeah, I will be testing it next weekend!  I love the patriotic colors.
Easy to clean!  I guess I need another one of these!

I made a couple of lovely fabric baskets too, see pictures below.

 I love this scrappy patriotic look!
The base is 10" so I can put the paper dinner plates in it.  I'll have to add a weight again so they don't blow away!  But this will look so much better than a bunch of plates piled on the table.....
 I think I can fit the napkins in this basket too.
 I love the unique pattern formed by the five different fabrics.  Another basket will be similar and unique every time!

I made another basket, 8" to hold cookies.
I found this nice round plastic container, so I made a basket to fit it, see below.  It will make the table very festive!

I love this cheery patriotic design!
The handles will make it so easy to pack up for the next game.  These baskets are machine washable too!  Only Air Dry!

What's next, lots of fun ideas..
How about a utensils holder...
Cup holder?
Coffee cozies?
Condiment holder?
Chip and dip anyone?