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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pink and Lilac Batiks for fun!

Today has gone by way too fast....
I have so many great ideas, ahhh, I just can't get to them!
Right now my Etsy shop is in "Think Pink" mode since my neice just had a baby girl and a friend also had a baby girl a couple of weeks ago.  Congrats Katie!

I loved making this 3D Pinwheel  Baby Quilt for our friends...

Here is the quilt I just finished for our local Veterans Assoc., I'll be donating it at tonight's meeting.

 Here are 2 new fabrics that I hope to make into lovely baskets.  The soft lilac is wonderful with lots of character.  The deep pinky rose batik has the same wonderful pattern, so the baskets will have a similar texture.  I better get started.

June will be Blue Lagoon Month!

Friday, May 13, 2011

More New Wonderful Fabrics to try!

I found a beautiful Pansy Floral fabric that I know will make a wonderful basket, I can't wait to see how the colors stand out. 
 The rich colors will show up on the inside of the basket too!

Color, Color, Color!

5/16 - I made 2 baskets from this lovely pansy material, unfortuantely, I don't like either one!  But my daughter loves them.  Even though I love the fabric and print, the basket just doesn't have the richness I like.  The little basket I made using beige thread, which I did not like, too pale.  I used olive green thread on the oval basket, which I liked much more so, but, but, but......  no good. 

 This lovely paisley has a nice deep brown background, so it contrasts the light blue and will make a great bag.

Contrast, Contrast, Contrast!
I also found a gorgeous green batik with browns and tans and a splash of blue.  I used this to make a tote bag for myself over a year ago, and was so lucky to find more, yeah!   I used some of this marvelous batik to make a necktie for a great customer in NC.

To custom order any of these fabrics in a basket or tote bag, please go to
and click on Custom Order Now.

I'll post pictures of completed items soon!
Have a lovely day! Thanks for visiting!

5/24 - Here is the bag I made for myself last year, using the above lovely green batik.
Lovely fabric is such fun!  I even made myself a tissue box cover and some coasters.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fantastic Aqua Batik

 This is one of my favorite batiks, I have used it in quilts and for quilt backing, and bags, baskets, necktie and even a dog bed.  It is one of the most colorful batiks I have found.  I still have plenty of it to spare too!  This bag and tie were sold, but if you would like this fabric just pick a custom listing at

New Fabrics, Can't Wait to See How they turn out

 I love this Burnt Orange Batik with the olive green, I know this will make a beautiful basket.

How about this fun green daisy pattern, I can't wait to see the texture this creates in a basket.

Leafy Green Contrast with Black

 I received an email asking about contrast.  I happen to love bold contrast such as this green basket with black.  The green fabric has wonderful shades of green that I wasn't sure would stand out, but with the black base, it sure looks great.  I usually add bold contrast for fun and soft contrast for interest.

Custom Baby Basket for Stuffed Animals, Love the Pink!

 Again, to answer the question sent to me, I look for fabric with texture and great color combination.  Last week I completed this custom Large Baby Basket using a wonderful soft pink stripe for the base and then a striped floral for lovely interest and added color.
I'm sorry the picture of the soft pale pink stripe is terrible with the flash, I will replace that later.
I just loved this floral that I bought at Quilter's Stash Quilt Store, in N. Attleboro,  MA, it  is  "Simply Sweet" by Barbara Jones of QuiltSoup for Henry Glass Fabrics   The floral design and stripe combination adds great texture to the basket.


Custom Textile Art Basket

I just finished this wonderful custom order Textile Art Basket today.  I just loved this gorgeous Rose and Tan Batik fabric.  The fabric strip picture shows the fabric's small print design, but again it is the colors that make this basket so beautiful.  I just love working with batiks with their rich colors.

Custom Purple Easter Basket

I loved making this wonderful Easter basket using the above bold purple batik.   I attached a picture of the fabric before it was cut and wrapped around clothesline.   I hope this helps to see how the fabric colors really make the basket, the fabric design adds interest.