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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Great Fabrics to Use!

There are so many wonderful fabrics today!  The choices are endless!
Here are just a couple more ideas for making baskets.

I love this rich brown tiger batik fabric for the pattern.
I used it for a lovely contrast.

I'm making a magazine rack/basket for my sister!
She loves puzzles and bright colors!
I made pillow shams for her couch using the fun black batik, so this will match!

Fun Table Mats to match too! 
These trivets are machine washable on gentle with cold water, then AIR DRY!

I can't wait to try these fun fabrics!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fabric Choices on Pinterest

Pinterest is such fun!
I have pinned many lovely fabrics that would be great for a basket,
check them out!

Another nice customer asked about how to choose the fabric for a basket, which is not easy sometimes.  I will have to remember to take pictures of the fabrics before I cut! 

Sometimes I just can't wait to see how the basket will turn out!
I will post more examples soon.

 I love this brown flannel with the blue and green highlights.
All those shades of brown and tan are very rich.
The little bit of black adds great contrast too.

Isn't this great for a boy's room!

I call this lovely white print, blue jazz.
It goes with a so many colors, it is hard to decide what contrast to add. 
So, I didn't!
I made 2 baskets, I love both the blue and  the green based baskets!

No more plastic shopping bags!

I love this size basket for shopping.

It fits right in the top of any shopping cart.
And It is so pretty, I don't forget it!

Yeah! no more plastic bags!

The base has a center strip 4" long, with the base 6"w x 10"l, and it is 7"high, so it doesn't fall over!  I can fit so much in it too!

Since this is smaller than my other baskets, it goes everywhere with me.

Both fabrics are from the "Gems of the Sea" fabric collection by Janet Broxon with lovely blue and aqua waves and whimsical dots adding lots of fun!

Wonderful Batik Fabrics

I love all batik fabrics!  The colors are so rich, I just can't resist them!

I use mostly multi-colored batiks in my baskets.  The pattern is not as important as the colors!  I usually use small to medium batik motifs, since they seem to have great color depth.  I love to add a little bit of a gorgeous monotone or two tone batik to my baskets to make colors pop!

I love this Autumn batik, with the big bold floral pattern.   I made this little itty bitty basket using left overs from a quilt border.  I love the bold colors with all the different shades of brown and tan.  The pattern is lost in the basket, but the colors are still amazing. 

I used this bold batik as the base of this basket, so that the contrast brings out the colors in both batiks.  Love it!


The lovely tan batik below has so many rich colors, that it can stand on it's own!
But I added a blue base to make the bottom and inside of the basket pop! 

Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my! 
(Yes, this fabric had cheetahs and leopards too.)
I finally found a gorgeous animal print fabric!
It has many many colors and rich shades!
Ahhh, there wasn't even a yard left! 

I added a black contrast strip and a dark base
to make the colors pop in the upper fabric.

The base is a wonderful two-tone batik with a tiger stripe motif.