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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Custom Order - You Design it!

I love Customer Orders! 
I get to work with great people who want something unique for their specific need/use.  I have created over 500 unique baskets.  I design all my own work and do not use a pattern.  Every fabric and fabric combination creates a unique pattern in the basket.  The size and shape of the baskets are usually functional, since I use them all over my own home.  I use them for home decor and home storage. 

I'm trying to go more "Green", so I use a medium basket for shopping!  Try a larger basket for your projects. My project bag/basket is now 3 years old and it goes everywhere with me.  Yes, it has been washed many times and still looks great.  I thought is would fray more, but it has not.  I think that is because I only air dry it.  Yes, machine washed with cold water.

Go Green with gift baskets!

A lovely customer asked for a Holiday Pie Carrier, great idea!  
Just don't forget it at your family's house! 
I would use a foil pie plate so you can leave that, but take your lovely basket home. 
I don't include pie plates in my listings to keep the shipping costs low.
Please feel free to contact me with your idea!

I love it!  I will be making more of these for my Christmas gift list.

For a lovely green batik pie carrier,
please see:

For gift baskets, please visit:

 For larger project baskets, please visit:

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