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Friday, July 11, 2014

Designing a Necklace Line for Wexford Treasures

 I made myself a necklace with a lovely ceramic button and just love it.  I think I will just have to make more for summer. 

 I created this necklace by wrapping a wonderful olive green batik around cotton line.  The line is .25" thick and is lumpy in places since the line is not perfect.  The fabric raw edges have some fray, so this Skinny Necklace has a great shabby chic character.  The button it tied on with a leather strip. It is tied around 2 strands, so I can play around with the length of the other 2-3 strands.  I love the 4-6 strands at different lengths, so this infinity necklace is 150" long (or about 12 feet).

Oh I love batik fabrics!
This necklace has a wonderful Boho style.  I used a decorative stitch to make sure the fabric does not unwrap from the line.  I have machine washed my Boho necklaces and found that batiks do not fray as much as some other cotton fabrics.

 I love twisting this necklace into many different  shapes, so it never looks the same!

Is this a necklace and a skinny scarf?

It is both!

Love this button!

 How about a string skinny necklace?  I used the same love olive green batik fabric, just a different length, which I think is very nice.  It looks more rustic without the button.

Here is a lovely Bamboo Green Batik necklace.  I think this summer green batik creates a wonderful modern necklace.  I love the simplicity.
 There are so many decorative stitches to use, so it will be fun to see which ones work the best.

I am washing a couple of necklaces many times and I will post the results later.

Regular cotton did fray on the first washing with hot water and heated dryer.  And on the second washing too.

The batiks don't fray much even with the hot water.  I don't recommend hot water and a hot dryer, this is just for testing.

I will check for shrinkage and post that later too.

Please feel free to post any suggestions!

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