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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fabric Shape Shifters

 When you look at the above basket would you know that the fabric was a zebra print?

I love this fabric for the color and contrast!

The fabric character changed from an animal design to an abstract design.  Fun!

Here is a striped fabric!  It changed character too!
 Love the swirl created in these trivets!

Here is another stripe!  But in the oval shape it doesn't swirl as much!

This lovely floral does read as floral, but a very unique flower is created!

   I think you can tell this is a leopard animal print.  This fabric has many shades of leopard spots.  Not many fabrics can keep in character, since I wrap on the diagonal, this is one of a few.
 So what is this pink and white fabric?

I love the pink and black contrast!
Could you tell they were horses?

More spots!

Hot pink anyone!

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