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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Denim Fabric

A few customers have asked me to make a basket using denim.
So here is a denim prototype.

Denim is a heavy weight cotton and thus more bulky to work with. It is a very loose woven cotton and the fray is more than usual.  I love this cute denim with the embroidered flowers, the white fray adds a nice contrast.

 After wrapping you can see how bulky the  denim is which causes more lumps, so I press rows together hard when sewing each row.

I love this denim basket!
 I think the white fray adds a fun texture, but if you prefer, trim all the loose threads.

I will try a lighter weight denim next, so I can compare the  amount of fray.  I think I should try a dyed denim too, so the fray would be blue.

This basket was made using denim purchased at a fabric store, not an old pair of jeans.  Most jeans' seams have serged edges to prevent fray, but I like the fray, since it adds alot of texture to my baskets. 

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