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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Heavy Duty Singer Sewing Machine

Yeah a new sewing machine!  I purchased this Singer Heavy Duty machine about 2 months ago and have now made many lovely baskets.  It is not fancy, but that's ok, it is very strong, which is great when working with the cording and line I use in my fun baskets.  I have adjusted it some to make it work well with my basket making.  I took out the bobbin case restraint, since I frequently adjust the bobbin tension.  Cleaning! This machine seems to stay cleaner, how can that be?  I'm not sure!  I have been using more high quality Guterman thread, which reduced the fuzz some, but I also think the machine works better, so it doesn't cause as much fuzz.  For the most part, this sewing machine runs quieter and faster! Yeah!  The presser foot does raise higher as advertised, which is great.  I can also adjust the presser foot tension, so cording and fabric sewing is smoother.  Overall, I am very pleased with my new sewing machine!

Only use plastic bobbins!  I wish the Singer manual explained that and gave the basic bobbin replacement size.  Under the bobbin case is a magnet! I don't know the reason why it is there, but that is why only plastic bobbins should be used.  A metal bobbin would cause the bobbin case to wear out very fast.  A local sewing machine repairman told me if your machine comes with plastic bobbins, then only use plastic!  

Singer sewing machine needles work best in this machine.  The universal needles kept breaking, since they don't fit quite right.  The Singer manual doesn't explain how to adjust the bobbin tension, so I had to figure out my own chart for different types of threads.  I wish Singer and other manufacturers would realize that more info the better in their manuals, since we want to be very creative using these machines!

Yes, my old Babylock is now retired, but will still play the role of backup machine.  I still love my Babylock, which still runs fine, but just not as fast, I really wore it out!
Happy Creative Sewing!

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