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Monday, February 20, 2012

What machine do I use?

A very nice customer is helping women in Africa make fabric wrapped coiled baskets.  I hope your next trip is a success!

She asked what kind of machine works well.  Unfortunately, I'm not an expert on machines and mine is not an industrial or heavy duty machine.  I use a standard Baby Lock 6150 with the top loading bobbin.  No, no computer!  I can't believe it is still going strong too!  I'm not sure how old it is, maybe 10 years old.  I have broken many  plastic and metal bobbins, but I use a great deal of thread for the fabric coiled baskets.  I usually use a jeans machine needle or a size 16 for these fun bags and baskets. 

CLEAN YOUR Machine often!  The rope and thread fuzz is incredible.  I clean out the bobbin area after every project or every 4 bobbins or 100' of rope.  I also oil any joints in the bobbin area, just one drop per joint.  After every 5 or so bobbin area cleanings, I also open the top and bottom of the machine and clean out the fuzz and oil the moving joints.

This is my bobbin area, what a mess after about 100' of rope basket sewing.

The second picture shows how much gets into the bobbin hook area.

I have to thank my husband, Chris, he just adjusted the machine again for me.  Yeah! the zigzag is going well again!  He also opened the motor area, which was relatively clean and oiled in there too.  I have now switched from the basic sewing machine oil to "Break Free" an oil lubricant, cleaner and preservative.  
Unfortunately, it would cost $60-80 to have this machine cleaned and serviced, but I don't think the machine is worth it, it is way too old.

So, I hope my luck continues!
Please feel free to contact me with any other questions!

Yeah, a clean machine!

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