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Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Bread Baskets

Good Morning!  Summer is going by way too fast......
I have been trying out different size and shapes for bread baskets.  There are so many variations, which is half the fun.  The batiks work up so wonderfully for these baskets. I'm working on new ovals with handles.  These oval baskets are great for bread too, check them out at my Etsy shop

This blue one has a fuzzy edge, yes, the fabric came that way, I thought it would be fun!  It adds nice contrast and texture!

So here is one of the new green/brown batik bread baskets.  This one is wide at 5.5" for Italian Breads.
I am making another one, narrower for French Bread, how about 4" wide, and longer too. 

I love these 2 crossing handles... I think I will keep them for the bigger bread baskets and try 2 side by side handles for the narrower basket.
I hope to post that later today!

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