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Friday, May 13, 2011

More New Wonderful Fabrics to try!

I found a beautiful Pansy Floral fabric that I know will make a wonderful basket, I can't wait to see how the colors stand out. 
 The rich colors will show up on the inside of the basket too!

Color, Color, Color!

5/16 - I made 2 baskets from this lovely pansy material, unfortuantely, I don't like either one!  But my daughter loves them.  Even though I love the fabric and print, the basket just doesn't have the richness I like.  The little basket I made using beige thread, which I did not like, too pale.  I used olive green thread on the oval basket, which I liked much more so, but, but, but......  no good. 

 This lovely paisley has a nice deep brown background, so it contrasts the light blue and will make a great bag.

Contrast, Contrast, Contrast!
I also found a gorgeous green batik with browns and tans and a splash of blue.  I used this to make a tote bag for myself over a year ago, and was so lucky to find more, yeah!   I used some of this marvelous batik to make a necktie for a great customer in NC.

To custom order any of these fabrics in a basket or tote bag, please go to
and click on Custom Order Now.

I'll post pictures of completed items soon!
Have a lovely day! Thanks for visiting!

5/24 - Here is the bag I made for myself last year, using the above lovely green batik.
Lovely fabric is such fun!  I even made myself a tissue box cover and some coasters.

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