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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wrapped Gaberdine Fabric

Wrapping lovely shiny gaberdine fabric creates a beautiful shiny basket, but with more fray than cotton.  It is such wonderful wedding fabric and easy to hand coil and sew.  I trimmed the fray from this lovely Wedding Candy Dish.   So, clean your machine well and your work area, since the fray clings to everything, yes the rug and your clothes too.  It is a little harder to wrap, since it is slippery and frays alot.  I wrapped tighter, so that it was easier to sew later.

 Here is a cotton White Wedding Candy Bowl and there is some fray due to the raw edges, but not as much as the lovely gaberdine. 

I am making a little flower girl basket with more fray for a nice Shabby Chic look. 

I would like to thank a very nice customer, Carol, for helping me design these baskets.

Again, Have Fun!

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